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As I found when I started dancing and went looking for information, there are _dozens_ of dance sites.

It all depends on what you're looking for - tips on dancing, making costumes, costumes to buy, just pictures....

Here are a few I've been to and found interesting, informative or just fun.

Shira Net

Shira's site is a treasure trove of information on just about everything you'll need for dancing - costume tips, dance tips, history, glossary, the lot.

It can be a bit of a maze, but it’s worth sticking with.

Chandras Dance Extravaganza
Chandra's are dance suppliers, and they have an excellent selection, ranging from full (and pricey) costumes, to supplies for making and decorating your own creations.

I've bought lots of stuff from them some delivered to a friend in the US, some to me in the UK. Great service either way (note Chandras site seems to be closed for renovation at the moment, but I'll leave the link in case it comes back soon)

Hilary Thacker

Hilary Thacker is a dance teacher in the UK, based in Edinburgh and this is her site.

I've never seen Hilary dance, but I have bought stuff from her including a made to measure costume. Her customer service is excellenat, and she has a good    - range of priced costumes items plus a good selection of UK format videos.

FatChance BellyDance

This San Francisco based dance troupe specialise in (and maybe started American Tribal bellydance. To UK eyes, the dance style looks.. different. I think we're all used to the cabaret style dance. But they are _very_ good, and enjoyable to watch.

I have a few of their videos, which are available from the site (costs extra for PAL format, but most new VCR's will play NTSC format). Some of the costume items they make and sell are _gorgeous_. 


Some excellent costumes - or maybe more costume pieces. Dhyanis' site lists a lot of matching belt and bra appliqués, which are designed to sew onto a bra of your choice - e.g. one that fits!

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network

The Mosaic Arabic Dance Network UK was founded in 1993 by a group of UK based dancers to raise the profile of Arabic Dance.

Their principle is to bring together amateur and professional dancers from all over the UK and abroad.

They issue a magazine and arrange performance platforms for UK dancers.


The Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance. Josephine organizes the twice yearly Fantasia dance festival in London and also teaches. I have attended her classes for just over a year and would recommend them to anyone interested in improving their dance technique and knowledge of dance styles. 

Suhalia Salimpour

Suhalia is an American bellydancer, well known and well thought of in dance circles. She's known as being particularly innovative in her dance. 

I have one of her teaching videos, Intermediate Choreography - I've yet to learn the full choreography as I find it quite complex. But it looks great when she does it...