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These are just some pictures of me in various costume ensembles I've accumulated. Sorry the pictures are not too good - I took them myself using a timer on the camera. There was no interaction with anyone else, so I look a bit po-faced.  
This is a skirt and bolero set I got from Hilary Thacker. 

The skirt has four panels, shaped roughly like petals. It has an elasticated waist, open at one side and fastened with a hook.

The edges of the panels are trimmed with silver beaded loops and large silver pailette sequins.

The bolero top is partially elasticated along the bottom and cut to sit under the bust. The front closes with a tie, and I think its designed to be worn with nothing under it (but I usually wear a dark sports bra under it).

The top is also trimmed with silver sequins and beads, both along the edges of the tie and on the front of the bodice.

I really like this outfit and wear it a lot. The dress is crocheted and beaded, with a point at back and front. Its very stretchy and I guess it would fit a wide range of sizes. Its quite long so I threaded a peice of elastic to tightly fit my hips through the open weave and I pull it up to make it shorter (otherwise I'd trip over it). I usually wear it over a black bra and full black skirt (sometimes black harem pants) and with a black coin scarf. 

I got the dress at the first Fantasia I went to in 2000, but I can't remember who the vendor was. Quite a few venders there tend to have this style of dress, but I've not seen one as long as this since - they tend to be sort of tunic length

This is the same full black skirt as above - its actually a FatChance Belly dance skirt, a very full black cotton skirt (I think there's about 10 yards of fabric in it).

The bolero was another from Hilary Thacker, same style as the blue one from the set above.

The "overskirt" is a crocheted belt with silver coins finished with a long fine fringe. This was another Fantasia purchase, I think from Farida Dance (it was a while ago). It looks particularly good when you spin