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Belly dance costumes are many and varied, and depend to a degree on what style of the dance you follow. 
I have a mixture of costume pieces - things I've bought, things I've made, things I've adapted. 

What you wear for dancing depends on what you intend to do.. If you're just dancing as a fitness routine, you don't need much more than you would for a standard keep fit class. The only thing that is useful is a hip sash - it emphasis the hip movements and helps you get them right. A full skirt also helps with the hip movements, as the movement of the skirt lets you know if you're doing it right.
I've done most of my dancing so far with Arabian Fantasy's and as their style is more cabaret than anything else, many of my costume pieces fit in with that style of dance - glitzy and glamorous. However, I have some tribal/baladi based pieces, as I like that style too.

What follows here are some details about my costumes, where I bought bits, what I've made and how I've made it.
I don't intend these pages to be a detailed "how to" on making costumes - there are lots of other pages that can do that better than me. What I hope to show is just how much you can accumulate in a short time at reasonable cost.
Cabaret Style Costumes
Other Costumes