Raqs Baladi


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Raqs Baladi is a folk-y style of dance, which seems to come mainly from Egyptian tradition. This is an earthy, feminine dance, very anchored to the earth, with most moves performed on flat feet rather than on the ball of the foot. The hips and pelvis play an important part in this form, with a lot of emphasis on hip movements, often big and dramatic moves. There is little involvement of the arms and upper body, and dancers tend not to move around too much, staying in a small area and moving the body rather than the feet. The emphasis of the dance seems to be on strength and precision.

Juliana Brustik - Baladi Raqs Baladi, being based in folk dance, tends towards presenting a sort of ethnic, historical look. Dancers tend to go for the more covered up type of costume - baladi dresses, trousers and tunics, long, full skirts without splits. 



Redbridge group in 2002 Colours tend towards the richer, earthy, natural shades. They're often heavily decorated with embroidery in metallic threads with jewels and tiny mirrors, and fringed with contrasting colour. Wraps and shawls with coins and/or heavy fringing are worn at the hip to accentuate the movements here.

Music used for raqs baladi is fairly simple arrangements with traditional Arabic instruments. Its usually instrumental tracks rather than songs, although some traditional songs are used. Because of the nature of the dance, it will often be slower and with a very emphatic beat to it. A drum solo track would be a typical piece of music