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Welcome to the  web page for the IPMS (UK) SciFi Sig

SIGs are groups within the IPMS formed and run for and by IPMS members with a shared interest in a particular subject. The current SIGS cover a wide variety of subjects, ranging from a narrow focus of interest (e.g. the 8th USAAF 19421945 SIG) to a much broader range of interest - such as the worlds of SciFi and Fantasy.

January 07 - finally added Q3 & 4 pics to Gallery

Also some SMW pics

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy SIG was formed 20 years ago and was created to provide a forum for modelers within the UK branch of the IPMS who were interested in (guess what) Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The SIG has always covered a very broad range of kits - Science Fiction, Fantasy, horror, TV and film. Recently, we have seen more Japanese Anime and cartoon linked kits. We're happy to include them all, as they are all linked by their origins in the world of speculative fiction.
The SIG has of course gone through changes over its two decades in existence, with changes of SIG leader, name and (to some degree) definition. What you see here is the latest venture, into the World of the Web.
There are many Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror related sites, forums, mail lists, etc. out here on the web. We don't expect to take the place of any of those. We just want to share what we do with a wider audience, perhaps attract a few more members to our group who can come along to the IPMS shows and let the rest of the IPMS modelers see what we do.
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